Steven Jasinski

Another major area of research involves members of the Carnivora, both fossil and Recent members. This work focuses on the biomechanics of the group and the roles these predators play in the ecosystems they are a part of. Rather than looking into the biomechanics of the skull, as most researchers tend to do, I focus more on the postcranial biomechanics of these animals, in particular the felids. While it is assumed that most of these animals are fairly conservative postcranially, my work is finding that there is more variation than previously assumed, allowing them to behave at least slightly differently. Additionally I investigate the faunal dynamics of carnivorans in various ecosystems and faunas. Using modern analogues, I am able to understand how predators were living in the past, and using fossil analogues I am able to infer potential changes in the future for modern ecosystems and faunas.

Research Interests - Carnivorans

Mammal Carnivores -

In particular Felids (cats)