Steven Jasinski

This research has also been covered worldwide in countries across the globe, including North America, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, India, Korea (South Korea), Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, and Middle Eastern countries (including Iran).

I have done numerous interviews based on my own research and the research of others. In addition to this I have given presentations and talks to various groups and societies. I am always happy to speak about the things I enjoy and find fascinating and anyone is free to contact me to inquire about these things, and about me giving interviews, presentations, or simply to ask me questions for stories or out of personal interests.

News articles have also been written about my research in numerous languages in addition to English, including; Spanish, Portuguese,  Chinese (mainly Mandarin Chinese), Russian, Hindi, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Norwegian, Hungarian, Greek, Montenegrin, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malay, Tamil, Indonesian, and Persian.

The best way to contact me is through my main email at:

Other information for contacting me can be found on my Contact Info page.

My research, and research through the Jasinski lab, has been covered by numerous news outlets worldwide. In addition to being on several news and television programs including numerous local outlets and other national programs like Inside Edition (via CBS), and giving numerous radio interviews, online and print news outlets have also often covered various research. This includes those such as Smithsonian Magazine, Reuters, the Daily Mail, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, CNN, The Sun, The TimesGIZMODO, U.S. News & World Report, SyFy, Popular Science, New Scientist, Esquire, MSN, National Geographic Reptiles Magazine, Atlas Obscura, the National Science Foundation,, the Associated Press, Science World Report, Yahoo, Fox News, International Business Times, the Washington Times, Sci-News, Mic, Futurity, Business Insider, IFLScience, ZME Science, Nature World News, United Press InternationalTech Times, CBS News, Smithsonian Magazine, the Washington Post,, VICE (Motherbord), the Science Times (2), the Huffington Post, WHYY (PBS/NPR), VOA News (Voice of America News), Mint, EarthSky, SciTechDaily, Independent, Express, Europa Press, DailyGeekShow, National Geographic Indonesia, Newsweek, SciencePost, the Charlotte Observer, Canada Today, Penn Live, along with multiple stories about the research run on Science Daily, Sci-News, and Live Science, among numerous others.