Note: that the reconstructions from Walking with Dinosaurs 3D were called Chirostenotes in the movie. However, the animal in the movie represents the caenagnathid dinosaur from the Horshoe Canyon Formation, which is actually Epichirostenotes. Those who made the movie actually misidentified the dinosaur, but in reality it is Epichirostenotes curriei.

Pair of Saurornitholestes sullivani attacking a young Parasaurolophus tubicen during the Late Cretaceous of New Mexico. Artwork by Mary P. Williams.

Artwork of New Taxa (Species)

Ojoraptorsaurus boerei

Boere's lizard thief from the Ojo

Saurornitholestes sullivani

Sullivan's lizard-bird thief

Stegoceras novomexicanum

Horned Roof of New Mexico

Basilemys gaffneyi

Gaffney's royal turtle

Zilantophis schuberti

Schubert's winged serpent

Trachemys haugrudi

Haugrud's slider turtle

Steven Jasinski

Cynarctus wangi

Wang's bone crusher

Epichirostenotes curriei

Currie's after narrow-hands