sttea museum of pennsylvania
acting curator of paleontology and geology

Ms, biological sciences
east tennessee state university
Focused on the evolution of fossil emydid turtles

American paleontologist and biologist.

Quick Facts

2014 - present


Professional Experience

Steven Jasinski

universityo f pennsylvania
graduate  assistant

I am Steven E. Jasinski, an American paleontologist and zoologist, and currently the Curator of Paleontology and Geology at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, PA and a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania.

    I graduated from Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, PA, and went to Pennsylvania State University afterward. I graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Geobiology. Along the way I was advised by Dr. Peter Wilf, a paleobiologist, and Dr. Russell Graham, a vertebrate paleontologist. Following Penn State, I attended East Tennessee State University for my M.S. Dr. Jim Mead was my thesis advisor and committee chair, while Drs. Blaine Schubert and Steven Wallace were other committee members. All three were vertebrate paleontologists. I am now in the Ph.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania working with the renowned Dr. Peter Dodson, along with Drs. Lauren Sallan and Herman Pfefferkorn.  

Bs, geobiology
pennsylvania State UNIversity
Studied biomechanics of theropod dinosaurs
East tennessee state university
graduate and REsearch associate and assistant

HOMETOWN: New Freedom
CURRENT HOME: Philadelphia/Harrisburg
DEGREE: MA, Biological Sciences
FAVORITE Season: Fall
2012 - present
2010 - 2013